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MUG's monthly quiz…Answers were posted after 3pm, per usual.

Q: Whoopi Goldberg, a NYC native and currently back on Broadway, was born with what name? a) Caryn Johnson b) Kalia Jones c) Myra Clark
A: a) Caryn Johnson [More]

Q: By how many percentage points did John Kerry beat George Bush in Manhattan? a) 52% b) 55% c) 65%
A: c) 65%

Q: NBC turned Rockefeller Plaza into Freedom Plaza for the election. But New York already has a Freedom Place. Where is it?
A: OK, we totally blew the question and we're going for remedial work at quizmaster school. NBC turned Rock Plaza into Democracy Plaza not Freedom Plaza (hey, it's not like NBC mentioned it more than a few thousand times). Well, anyway. Freedom Place is west of West End Ave. from 66th to 70th.

Q: A gift from Japan plays a part in the opening of the General Assembly every September. What is it?
A: The Japanese Peace Bell, a gift from Japan to the U.N. in 1954 (though they hadn't yet been admitted), is rung on the opening day of the General Assembly. [More]

Q: There's one mega-chef still to open at the Time Warner Center. Who is it?
A: Chicago's Charlie Trotter. [More]

Q: Dr. Laszlo Kreizler is the title character of what book?
A: The Alienist by Caleb Carr. [More]

Q: When did the first McDonald's open in New York? a) 1964 b) 1967 c) 1973
A: c) 1973

Q: Who is YoLANda VEga?
A: The best known of the Lottery draw team (they announce the balls, as it were). Ms. Vega has fans for her spirited delivery, especially of her name. [More]

Q: In which park is the John Muir Nature Trail?
A: Van Cortlandt Park [More]

Q: The tenement building in which it is housed is on the National Register of Historic Places. The Smithsonian Institute calls it "part of New York's cultural heritage." It was started in 1914 by an immigrant from Eastern Europe who began by selling herrings from a pushcart. The original family members involved were Joel, Hattie, Ida, and Anne. What's the store?
A: Russ and Daughters [More]

Q:If you're reading about Bernie Rhodenbarr or Matthew Scudder, whose world are you in?
A: New York mystery writer Lawrence Block [More]

Q:Some of her more than 600 cartoons in the New Yorker include The Tournament of Neuroses Parade, Thank You Notes to Ralph Nader (after the 2000 election), and The Party, After You Left. Who is she?
A: Roz Chast [More]
Many of the delightful decorative antiques collected by New Yorker Diane Baldessari, and sold on her website chanadet.com, are on sale today and tomorrow. Great for holiday gifts.

A number of readers asked what they could do to fight the stadium. The best place to start is at the NY Association for Better Choices (newyorkabc.org), where you can find a list of elected officials who have influence over the future of Hudson Yards, general info, and notice of upcoming events.

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