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MUG's monthly quiz, today with a Wall Street theme.

Q: The Dow Jones closed at its all-time high of 11,722.98 on January 14th. What year?
A: 2000

Q: Many people remember Michael Douglas' character name in Oliver Stone's 1987 movie "Wall Street"—Gordon Gekko. But what was Charlie Sheen's character name? a) Bud Fox b) Bart Sharpe c) Dalton Burns. Extra points: which "Law and Order: SVU" actress was also in the movie?
A: Bud Fox. (Extra credit: Tamara Tunie, who plays the M.E. and has, finally, been given co-star billing this season.)

Q: Gordon Gekko again. The famous scene where he argues that "greed is good" was based on a 1986 speech by this arbitrageur and, later, jailbird. Who?
A: Ivan Boesky

Q: "How Now, Dow Jones" was a 1967 Broadway musical set among denizens of the Stock Exchange and brokerage firms. Which great film composer wrote it—one of two complete Broadway scores to his credit (he also wrote incidental music to a third).
A: Elmer Bernstein

Q: The opening and closing bells of the Stock Exchange have been a brass instrument since the Exchange moved to its current location in 1903. What did they use before that?
A: A Chinese gong.

Q: Where is the Nasdaq trading floor located?
A: There's no trading floor—it's all electronic.

Q: The wall that gave Wall Street its name was built in 1653 and torn down in 1699. Before stock and securities began to be traded in the area (famously at a sycamore tree at Broad and Wall), another market preceded it. Starting around 1709, what did it sell?
A: Slaves.

Q: The Wall Street Journal is a descendant of another publication. What was it called? a) The Financial Bee b) Customer's Afternoon Letter c) Investor Common Sense d) Stocks and Bonds, An Informative Daily Gazette
A: Customer's Afternoon Letter

Q: Its executive chef, Eberhard Müller was the original executive chef of Le Bernardin (when it earned four stars after being open just eight weeks). The building, known as India House, has served as home to the New York Cotton Exchange and was also a private family residence. What's the restaurant?
A: Bayard's. [The late Gilbert Le Coze was founding chef of Le Bernardin and was surely the guiding hand when it opened in NY. But, to answer a reader's email, Müller himself claims the title on the Bayard's website.]

Q: The Red Cube at 140 Broadway and Liberty, on the plaza of the HSBC Bank Building, is by what sculptor? (Hint: he has a museum dedicated to him in NYC).
A: Isamu Noguchi

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