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Q: Which midtown building is popularly known as Black Rock? (125 bonus points: who was the architect?)
A: CBS HQ, 51 W. 52nd. Architect: Eero Saarinen

Q: If you're on Featherbed Lane, which borough are you in?
A: The Bronx

Q: It was a 6,214-seat movie theater near Radio City, built by Samuel Rothafel, opened in 1927 and closed in 1960. Name it. (500 bonus points: which actress famously posed among the theater's rubble for an Eliot Elisofon photograph? 1000 bonus points: which Broadway musical did that photograph inspire?)
A: The Roxy. Actress: Gloria Swanson, Musical: Sondheim's Follies

Q: Who's the chef behind the restaurant group of BLT Fish, Prime, Steak, and now Burger? a) Laurent Tourondel b) Bill Telepan c) Lulu Turducken
A: Laurent Tourondel

Q: Which of the four "Project Runway" finalists lives in NY (in an outrageously large pad)? a) Jeffrey b) Laura c) Michael d) Uli
A: Laura

Q: Silda A. Wall is married to this man in the news. He was born in 1959 in Riverdale, went to Horace Mann, Princeton, and Harvard Law. Who is this pol?
A: Eliot Spitzer

Q: It's apple season, so we're required by law to ask an apple trivia question. The first apple nursery was opened in Flushing in this year: a) 1730 b) 1830 c) 1870
A: 1730

Q: George Ehret, Upper East Side, around 93rd between 2nd and 3rd. What product is he associated with?
A: Beer

Q: Which civil rights attorney was recently convicted of aiding and abetting terrorism? a) Stewart Lane b) Linda Stein c) Lynne Stewart d) Lucky Severson
A: Lynne Stewart

Q: What line of work was Toots Shor in? a) jockey b) restaurateur c) ballet dancer d) cartoonist
A: Restaurateu

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