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Quiz - Outdoors Edition

MUG's monthly quiz — this one about the great outdoors. Are you the weakest link?

Q: The world's first 'moving' sign wrapped around the old NY Times Tower. It was installed in 1928 and first showed election returns. What was that kind of ad machine thing called? a) Zipper b) Telesign c) Motogram d) Electroboard
A: The Motogram

Q: In 1938, dancers from the Congo believed a visit to this spot, with its great height, would help lift a curse on their current tour. What was the spot?
A: The Empire State Building Observatory

Q: "Group of Four Trees" is a famous sculpture located on Chase Manhattan Plaza. Who was the artist?
A: Dubuffet

Q: Technically speaking, there's only one river in Manhattan. What is it?
A: The Bronx River. (The East River and this part of the Hudson are considered tidal estuaries rather than true rivers.)

Q: Which one of these five places is not in Central Park? 1) The Loch 2) The Mall 3) Bethesda Garden 4) The Arsenal 5) Summit Rock
A: Bethesda Garden

Q: You're eating fried fish outside at Johnny's Reef, under the relentless pigeon fusillade, looking at the L.I. Sound. Where are you?
A: City Island

Q: The newest man-made beach in these parts is in Long Island City. What's it called?
A: Water Taxi Beach

Q: "Hangman's Elm" is said to be the oldest tree in Manhattan. Where is it located?
A: Washington Square Park

Q: Is jaywalking still illegal in NYC?
A: Yes

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