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Quiz—TV Edition

MUG's monthly quiz—TV edition. Per usual, answers will be posted on the website after 3pm.

Q: Name the four main characters of Sex and the City.
A: Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha

Q: Who played Judge Stone on Night Court? a) Harry Anderson b) Pamela Anderson c) Loni Anderson d) Gillian Anderson e) Anderson Cooper
A: Harry Anderson

Q: On The Dick Van Dyke show, what was the nickname of Buddy's wife? a) Jello b) Pickles c) Cheddar
A: Pickles

Q: What long-running variety show was originally called Toast of the Town?
A: The Ed Sullivan Show

Q: What's the name of the magazine where Ugly Betty works?
A: Mode

Q: Who played Veronica in Veronica's Closet?
A: Kirstie Alley

Q: Easy: What was the name of the butler played by Sebastian Cabot on the show Family Affair. Hard (lots of extra points): What was his first name?
A: Mr. French. Giles French.

Q: Who starred as Detective Lieutenant Theo Kojak?
A: Telly Savalas

Q: In what non-Manhattan nabe did Patty Lane and Cathy Lane live on The Patty Duke Show?
A: Brooklyn Heights

Q: The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson was based in New York for ten years. When did that run start? a) 1958 b) 1962 c) 1966 d) 1970
A: 1962
Screwups, etc.
In yesterday's Up Next, we wrote that the landscape architect firm Field Operations is based in L.A. Wrong: they're based in NY…In response to the emails about our (very) little joke about the name Fresh Kills, yes, we know that the word 'kills' has a Dutch origin having nothing to do with killing.

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