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RE-CO Brooklyn

Of the making lemonade school: RE-CO Bklyn, the only sawmill in New York City. Their mission is to save uprooted trees, increasingly felled by superstorms like Sandy and Irene, from being chipped, burned or landfilled.

Working with the Parks Department and local area tree services, they mill logs in their Ridgewood (yes, technically Queens, not outer Bushwick) location to produce live edge slabs. Careful attention is paid to the provenance of each tree so that they know exactly where this oak or walnut or black birch lived and that history gets passed along to you.

The company has a wood-drying kiln and services include flattening, bookmatching and finishing. RE-CO is staffed with furniture designers and makers so you can have a custom piece made for the tree's second act.

A number of slabs are currently 40% off.

West Fourth Street

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