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Some recommendations, mostly food-related, from readers.

In regards to your Food and Wine update [Sweet Stuff], I am a die-hard fan of macaroons, and the best I have tried in the U.S. are at Bouley Bakery, 130 W. Bway [Duane] 212.608.5829 — they have the standard flavors and more inventive ones, like raspberry and chocolate, and even passionfruit and chocolate. And they are soft and chewy, with ample filling. I keep going back for more.

Just wanted to note that Pimm's #3 Winter Cup is currently available — or at least it was when I was in London a few months back. I've got a bottle of it sitting here on the shelf, along with #6 Vodka Cup, and was told when I bought it that it was recently put back into distribution. Perhaps it's justa British thing? Pip pip, and all that rot.

Can I recommend at restaurant for you to check out? Fish at 280 Bleecker [Morton/7th] 212.727.2879. Solid spot.

Dear MUG…We went to see/hear/laugh at Capitol Steps last night. In this hot but 'blue' town, others might really enjoy the clever repartee! You forget what it is to laugh at the current political landscape. [Supper Club]

My husband stumbled upon this place called Tebaya, 144 W. 19th [6th/7th] 212.924.3335. It's a tiny Japanese wings place with only a few things on the menu. Four of us had a super-quick pre-movie meal there and not only were the wings and potato mochi delicious (certainly no health-treat but super yummy, and they did have a nice soba salad, too) but also the guys who run it were just so nice that I left the place really wanting to tell everyone about it.

Sens Production is a site specific dance group. They did an amazing performance in the winding staircase of an office building downtown several years ago, one of those beautiful staircases with winding wrought iron banisters, dancers on each floor, and the audience stood at the top and then moved down with the dancers as the piece progressed. I was hard to convince but when I saw it, I went back twice more.Then they did a piece called Noir in a parking garage near Canal Street; the feeling was like '30s gangster movies. Every night the management cleaned out enough parking spaces for them to perform and onlookers sat and watched in their own cars withsound piped in a la drive-in movies, or through the car radio. It was quite cool. Changes of costume were in the car trunks! Now they are doing Agora in the McCarren pool site. Runs September 13 until September 24. Details here.

Yiasou Estiatorio, Emmons Avenue [Ocean] right next to Pips (Brooklyn, of course). Fine Greek cuisine. Food, ambience, decor, service — all great. Had an early dinner there yesterday with my Mom.

Are you guys open to suggestions? Check out the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival as a way to beat the NYC heat — and watch first-rate Shakespeare overlooking the Hudson Highlands and River. A spectacular day trip and fabulous theatre.

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