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Readers Weigh In

MUG has the nicest subscribers. Here are some of the comments that readers have made with their contribution to MUG 25.

"Hi-Thank you for all the great tips, info, and wake-up calls over the years! You are invaluable!!"

"Love this newsletter - especially joe's photos"

"MUG is full of the kind of helpful, or just plain interesting, stuff that you don't often find elsewhere. Love it."

"I have enjoyed MUG for many years and I hope my small donation helps you to achieve your goal!"

"PLEASE keep plugging away!"

"You are an invaluable source and I applaud you!"

"Happy 25th! I was a subscriber to the printed version and a contributor since you went electronic."

"I've enjoyed MUG since the beginning. "

"Happy Anniversary!!! And many more!!!"

"I am listening to choir choir choir singing leonard cohen's hallelujah … hallelujah to mug"

"I'm devoted to MUG— so thank you and here you go—normally I'm telling everyone that all my support has to go to progressive Dems :)"

"From a charter subscriber: Love MUG!"

"I have been reading MUG since it was MAILED to me!"

"I am always happy to see MUG in my inbox."

"I Love MUG - as a native and current resident of NYC its impossible to know everything thats going on . I wait for it every morning!"

"I hope you get to 30+"

"Thank you for MUG. I love it."

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