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Repair Clinic
Plus: the skint

MUG has done, we say with all modesty, some staggeringly dull stories over the years. Who among you can forget our piece on Venetian Blind Cleaning? Or our gripping investigation of Mini-Storage facilities around town? But we've outdone ourselves today! For your fridge, your oven, microwave, AC, or many other appliances, offers an amazing array of parts and accessories.

Say you want an extra rack for your fridge or you need a new heating coil for your stove (aka an electric range surface element). You're not going to be able to find these parts in town. But Repair Clinic has them in stock (even for ancient appliances) or they can order them (faster than you can) from the manufacturer. There's also a very useful section of repair help, which can identify a problem and guide you in fixing it.

Let others run the sexy stories; some days we're boring and proud of it.

Around town this weekend, courtesy of the skint: a daily listing of free and cheap things to buy, see, do and eat in New York.

prop house/set dresser decorator depot sale, unique items low as $25. haggling welcome! (les) [sat 10am]

npr fave (and madeleine peyroux-esque) laura gibson sings, twangs @ union hall, $10 [sun 9pm]

norah jones guests on radio happy hour, just like an old-timey… radio hour. lpr, $5 [sat 1:30pm]

open 1 day a year, visit historic interior gardens of 1920s jackson heights buildings, $10 [sat 12-4pm]

a great day in harlem' is a doc about the making of this iconic 1958 photo, and it's wonderful. nyhs, free [sat 2pm]


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