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Resolutions, More or Less

When it comes to making resolutions, we're always torn between deprivation and indulgence, the righteous no's versus the blithe yeah yeah yeah's, listening to our inner Jenny Craig or our inner Molly Bloom. For those similarly conflicted:

Eat less: The Mediterranean diet, with its emphasis on fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and olive oil, always strikes us as the most sensible. Get a gourmet assist from Gustiamo, 1715 West Farms Rd. [173rd] 718.860.2949.
Eat more: Baked goods at Joe, 141 Waverly [6th/Gay] 212.924.6750 and 9 E. 13th [5th/Univ] 212.924.7400.

Burn more calories: Popular Science selected the BodyBugg as part of their Best of What's New 2005 list. Strap the thing to your triceps (it's only 2.9 oz.) and it tracks, with nearly lab accuracy, movement, body temperature, and sweat At the end of the day, upload the data and you'll get a chart of how many daily calories burned compared to intake. $500.
Move less: Simple Remote [via Engadget] being introduced by the company OpenPeak, will manage your TV, computer, control appliances, serve as a VoIP (internet phone), and electronic program guide.

Smoke less: SmokeClinic is a free online quit-smoking program that many have used successfully. Local programs are noted here.
Smoke more: The Thursday Night series at Nat Sherman, 500 5th [42nd] 212.764.5000, continues this Thursday, hosted by Dewar's, from 6-9pm, $30. Reserve.

Less buzz: Though it hasn't been approved by the FDA for this purpose, the anticonvulsant topiramate looks promising in studies to reduce drinking and increase abstinence.
More buzz: Wimpy 13.5% alcohol content for red wine? That's so old Europe. American Cabernet's are routinely over 14%, the tippling point for the Australian Shiraz Wit's End is 15% and some Zins (by Spelletich Cellars), for example, clock in at 17%.

More mindful: If Jon Kabat-Zinn's book Coming to Our Senses (subtitled Healing Ourselves and the World Through Mindfulness) doesn't convince you to meditate, nothing ever will.
More mindless: Sadly recidivist CNN jettisoned some of its worst hacks last year but, we learned last week, has hired William Bennett as a commentator. Yes, the same moralizing, gambling-crazed blowhard with the suspiciously racist-flavored ideations: you remember his opinion that the crime rate could be reduced by aborting "every black baby in the country." Surely there are thoughtful conservative commentators who could bring insight to the network's table, but Bennett is a freaking disgrace.
While You Were Out
· Woody Allen had a hit
· New York magazine saw stars
· Dick Clark returned bravely, painfully
· Bloomberg 2 began
· HBO began gearing up for season six of The Sopranos, beginning in March. A short trailer and a visit to the set here.

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