leisure 01.4.08

Resolutions, More or Less

Burn More Calories
Popular Science picked the Völkl Tigershark skis as part of their Best of What's New 2007 list. No need to change skis for different conditions—flip a switch and they'll tense up for zipping down hard snow, or make them more flexible for loose powder. $1450.

Burn Fewer Calories
We haven't found a universal remote that comes with universal acclaim, and that includes the Logitech 880. Still, for about $160 (street price), it's a good balance between features and price, keeping you couch-bound just that much longer.

Smoke Less
The American Lung Association has some good info to help you quit smoking. Local quit-smoking programs are listed here.

Smoke More
Cigar Aficionado has just announced their annual list of the Top 25 cigars, except for the Number One spot, which gets released today.

Eat Less
The Mediterranean diet, with its emphasis on fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and olive oil, always strikes us as the most sensible. Get a gourmet assist from Gustiamo, 1715 West Farms Rd. [173rd] 718.860.2949.

Eat More
Hill Country has gotten a lot of attention lately for its barbecue, but when pigging out is the order of the day, we'd rather head a few blocks south to Rub, 208 W. 23rd [7th/8th] 212.524.4300.

Mail on The Times Rubs Its Eyes

This "newsletter" is not only childishly naive in its content, it is preposterous in its sureness of itself. I am disgusted by your immaturity, and I'll be damned if I ever say nice things about you again.
Steve Jenkins

My deepest congratulations for your comment piece of January 2.

As a person who has been deeply involved in both international politics and the media, I have been appalled, for some time, at the failure and cowardice of mainstream media in the face of the actions of the current Administration.

Specifically, when it has been thoroughly established and widely published, elsewhere, that materials intended to justify the invasion of Iraq were fabricated, the NY Times has consistently preferred to refer to those materials as "intelligence mistakes".

In the same vein, my one quarrel with your outstanding piece is the use of the word "panicked" [Ed: We were quoting the Times here]. The Administration did not panic. It saw an opportunity to encourage and manipulate fear for political ends. And, as you point out, one of the masterminds of manipulation and character assassination, Mr. Rove, is now joining the mainstream media. How depressing.

You are right to refer to the damage that has been done to the reputation of the U.S. in the world. In almost 30 years of experience in international relations, I have never seen anything like it.

It is wrong and deeply dangerous for the U.S. to be so widely reviled.

Ambassador Richard Butler


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