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Restaurant News (Part 1)
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Seoul's Jungsik, 2 Harrison [Hudson] 212.219.0900, has expanded, taking up residence in the old Chanterelle space. Jungsik Yim cooks modern Korean, which means you may find galbi, but also truffle chicken and "OMG salmon."

West Village
Seamus Mullen (formerly of Boqueria) is back in fine form with his Tertulia, 359 6th [W. 4th] 646.559.9909, a warm-blast-of-a-place serving Spanish tapas (and some large plates, too) that feels ideally suited to the fall and winter.

The two Franks are in no danger of wearing out their welcome, judging by Frankies 570 Spuntino, 570 Hudson [11th] 212.924.0818, their latest outpost for casual Italian: casual in vibe, that is, but with the usual Frankies commitment to top-flight ingredients and hold-the-line prices.

East Village
North Carolina-style barbecue (except: heritage pork, free-range chicken, grass-fed beef) and all the fixin's at The Cardinal, 234 E. 4th [A/B] 212.995.8600. A welcome addition to the 'hood.

Lima's ceviche-focused restaurant, La Mar Cebicheria Peruana, 11 Mad [23rd/24th] 212.612.3388, has spun off to various points around the globe, along with other Gaston Acurio brands. The latest to open is right here in Tabla's old space, under the care of Victoriano López. It remains to be seen whether Peruvian food in general, and this food in particular, can sustain a long run in these parts.

So we might have gone with more of a money title than La Promenade des Anglais, 461 W. 23rd [9th/10th] 212.255.7400, since it doesn't roll off your tongue even if you speak French. Still, the return of chef Alain Allegretti is happy news and the Côte d'Azur cooking is a bouffée d'air frais.

Murray Hill
At Terroir, 439 3rd [30th/31st], the chainlet's much-loved fried chicken, an oyster sandwich, and small plates to go with the drink of choice here (that would be wine). Elbow room is at a premium.

Cafe China, 13 E. 37th [5th/Mad] 212.213.2810, is a mom-and-popper in the best possible sense: a Chinese restaurant with a personal vision, filtered through the notion of Shanghai in the 1930s.

Midtown East
A new Pino Luongo restaurant was once a regular and happily anticipated event. It's been almost a decade, though, since the Tuscan cheerleader has set up shop in the city, so the opening of Morso, 420 E. 59th [1st/Sutton] 212.759.2706, in the next weeks is welcome news.

Upper West Side
Most of the early talk has been about the murals adorning Machiavelli, 519 Col [85th] 212.724.2658, the northern Italian eatery from Nathalie de La Fontaine that opened last Wednesday. But it's her previous restaurant, La Focaccia in the West Village, that has us eager to sample the new place—we always thought La Focaccia was reliably good—unshowy and underrated.

From the folks behind Le Bilboquet, Cédric, 185 St. Nich [119th/120th] 212.866.7766, a (mostly) French bistro that serves duck breast, steak tartare, escargots, mussels, but also jerk chicken. It should thrive if they skew the attitude more Harlem than Paris.

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