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Retro Tech

From the WOMAN'S ANGLE there's just no match for this handsome SHELVADOR!

Frigidaire Built-in Cooking fold back or counter-top units—which one is for your new kitchen? You'll feel like a queen with either style.

Life is fun in a TAPPAN kitchen

Time isn't all the GE Dishwasher saves! Look at my hands!

Vintage ad copy is always good for a laugh. It's not making a comeback any time soon, but some of the old-style appliances are—at least in reproductions. There's also a thriving market for refurbished vintage models. You'll feel like a queen with either style! Look at your hands!

The Big Chill Fridge is available in eight colors and holds plenty of food for Beaver, Wally, and all their friends. It's $2500 ($150 extra for an icemaker). Available online or at Krup's Kitchen & Bath, 11 W. 18th [5th/6th] 212.243.5787.

Elmira Stove Works makes retro-style, but fully loaded Northstar Ranges in nine colors. $4000. Available from Drimmer Appliances, 1608 Coney Island Ave. [Ave. L/M] 718.338.3500.

No flat-screen recessive tendencies for the boldly retro stylings of Predicta televisions, which take their cue from the old Philco line. Available directly from the company, $1400-$3600.

The 20th Century Limited Vero 12-inch amp is $1940. They have three other designs and they're all great-looking.

Antique Radios is not only a superb resource, it's a beautifully designed site that's fun to browse whether you're a collector or not.

Vintage Appliances
For the real things (restored), as well as reproductions, Antique Appliances is the place to go.

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