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Reweavers repair moth holes, tears, and rips to fabric. There are 3 types of reweaving. In the French method one tries to duplicate the weave of the garment. Inweaving or piece weaving is where there is a hole in the garment too large for French weaving. A small piece of fabric is inserted and woven around the edges. Stoteing, is used for long vertical tears. The edges are closed and it is not completely invisible. Each tear must be seen and evaluated by these masters who will tell you what you can and cannot expect. It's painstaking and labor intensive work and there are no shortcuts. Weavers use high intensity lamps and a number of magnifying devices to see where to lay in the fine threads. Cost is based on the time spent on the repair.

French-American Reweaving, 119 W. 57th [6th/7th] Room 1406, 765.4670, has been fixing clothes for New Yorkers since 1930. Ron Moore runs this quiet, bright office, evaluating what repairs can be made and telling you how it will look. They also work on sweaters and maintain a "yarn bank" since people often don't have the little yarn card. The level of "invisibility" of the repair depends on how complicated the weave of the fabric is. Most repairs take about two weeks.

Superior Weaving and Mending, 41 Union Sq W. [17th] Suite 423, 929.7208, has been in business for 60 years, the last 40 or so under the direction of Seymour and Morty Schnall. This is a working shop where not much time is spent on amenities. Three weavers, with a minimum of 20 years experience each, do the work.

The restaurant Atlas has gotten a lot of buzz for the cooking of David Coleman. Now there's Cafe Atlas, 40 Central Park South [5th/6th], 759.91919, its more casual and easier-on-the-wallet sibling.

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