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Rooted is, among other things, helping Greenpoint live up to its name. They're an ideal resource for you to green up your own digs, too.

Their website asks you a few questions about your prospective new plants: size you want, how much light you have, whether you want a hanging basket, whether the plant is pet friendly, and whether you can handle care that is easy or moderate. They don't do hard.

So, let's say you pick an easy, medium-sized plant in a hanging basket that needs low light and you don't have a pet. All the plants are named and one that fits the bill is Pelé—"a perfect fit for new plant parents"—a sweet philodendron, shipped to you for $25 plus $7 in shipping (orders over $75 are shipped free). You can also shop in person at 135 Kent [N. 6th].

Rooted also holds workshops such as Plant Care 101, Macramé, and Kokedama.


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