shopping 02.6.09

Rose & Daisy's

Many of us have begun a new relationship lately with our kitchens, however humble they may be and however modest our cooking skills. Things Learned: the oven isn't only for storage. Also: eggs boiled too long eventually explode.

So now that we're all up on three-minute eggs and roasting broccoli, what to put the goods on? We're loving the Daisy Dog Studio dishware from Rose & Daisy's, 460 Hudson [Barrow/Morton] 646.765.7658, because the signature colorful circles are cheering even when our handiwork isn't.

Even better, many items are now on sale: the 16-inch tray was $100, now $20. Pasta bowls were $20, now $10. The 'Tea for Two' teapot, with a pair of cups and saucers, were $80, now $50.

"You can't get too much winter in the winter."
— Robert Frost

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