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Tonight at Decibel, 240 E. 9th [2nd/3rd] 212.929.2733, 6pm, there's a tasting of seven kinds of Kagatobi sake, plus assorted Asian food, $60.

More Katagobi, this time at the Astor Center, 399 Laf [E. 4th] 212.674.7500, where there's a tasting on Wednesday from 6-8pm.

Learn the Basics
Get a quick primer here, or dig a little deeper in the Elements of Sake class, Wednesday, 6:30-8:30, $65, at the Astor Center.

Among the many places to eat well with your sake, consider: Sakagura, 211 E. 43rd [2nd/3rd] 212.953.7253, Sake Hana, 265 E. 78th [2nd/3rd] 212.327.0582, and Kasadela, 647 E. 11th [C] 212.777.1582.

Stocking Up
Sakaya, 324 E. 9th [1st/2nd], an East Village yearling, should be your first and possibly last stop for all things sake. Besides all the good stuff in the store, they offer a sake club—a monthly delivery of two, four, or six bottles.

Keeping Up
Start here: UrbanSake—upcoming events, interviews, and tasting notes.

"New York, that concert of the expensively provisional."
— Henry James


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