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Up to 50% off men's and women's clothing at A.P.C., 131 Mercer [Prince/Spring] 212.966.9685.

Up to 40% off select men and women's items at Issey Miyake, 802 Mad [67th/68th] 212.439.7822 and 119 Hudson [N. Moore/Franklin] 212.226.0100.

Now thru the end of February, everything is on sale at Lydia Burd's hip Shop, 105 Stanton [Ludlow/Essex] 212.375.0304.

Up to 60% off shoes and bags from Jill Stuart, 100 Greene [Prince/Spring] 212.343.2300, thru the end of the month.

At Armani/Casa, 97 Greene [Prince/Spring] 212.334.1271, up to 50% off furniture and accessories from 1/15-2/15.

Clothing for men and women at Ted Baker, 107 Grand [Bway/Mercer] 212.343.8989, is on sale through 1/26.

Up to 70% off the fall collection, thru 1/15, at Nicole Miller, 780 Mad [66th/67th] 212.288.9779 and 77 Greene [Spring/Broome] 212.219.1825.

Up to 90% off anything white (men's and women's clothing) at Joseph, 106 Greene [Prince/Spring] 212.343.7071, thru the end of the month.
Chris Cimino Explains It All For You
One of the most irresponsible things we've ever seen on the Today show took place this morning when it was given to the WNBC weatherman to discuss climate change. Cimino said, "A lot of questions have to be answered as to what goes into play in making such a significant change in the overall weather pattern…whether or not this is due to greenhouse gases and global warming or is part of a larger climatological cycle that we're in, that's still a big question mark."

It may be a big question mark to Cimino, but it's not to the National Academies: "In the judgment of most climate scientists, Earth's warming in recent decades has been caused primarily by human activities that have increased the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere."

If The Today Show wanted to address the issue seriously, they might have had a guest on who actually knows something about climate change, instead of a doltish local weatherman. You can read Understanding and Responding to Climate Change (Highlight of National Academy Reports) in this PDF.

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