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Walking Off the Big Apple

An Alexia Crawford sample sale is on now thru 4/6, 9-7. 35 W. 36th [5th/6th]. Jewelry, handbags and accessories are priced $5-$20.

Timing? Not for us to say—the All-Aboard Ship Clutch seems perilously poised, but anyway it's on sale from Kate Spade, along with other bags, clothing, and accessories.

One of our very favorite watch purveyors, Watchismo, has dozens of timepieces marked down, many up to 60% off. Pictured: 'Adventure' from 666 Barcelona, was $250, now $99.

Fred Flare has lots of fun stuff on sale, including this mini Lomography Camera. Was $75, now $59.95.

Lomography fans will find more to love at the two Lomography Gallery stores, 41 W. 8th [5th/6th] and 106 E. 23rd [Park Ave. S./Lex] when cameras and accessories are up to 50% off,

Tomorrow, Artikal Handcrafted Millinery, 510 East 12th [A/B], 6:30-9:30pm, all hats and fascinators are on sale.

At Boutique on 57, 12 W. 57th [5th/6th] 212.247.2229, Cucinelli, Etro, and Missoni clothing and accessories at up to 75% off.

Take 30% off triggerhappy handmade and repurposed green jewelry sold on Etsy.

Up to 80% Onassis stylish/casual menswear, 4/9-4/13, 10-7, 375 5th [35th/36th].

Judith Leiber handbags and accessories, as well as Diamond in the Rough jewelry is on sale at Soiffer Haskin, 317 W. 33rd [8th/9th] 718.747.1656, 4/15-4/17, 9-6:30 daily. CC only, no strollers, no kids under 12.

Up to 40% off select clothing items at Hickoree's online and now in real life, 109 S. 6th [Bedford/Berry] Bklyn, noon-7pm daily, closed Tuesdays.

Cultural and literary notes, plus self-guided walks, courtesy of Walking Off the Big Apple, a strolling guide to New York City.

Thoughts on National Walking Day

Exercising for 30 minutes every day helps reduce the risk of heart disease, and that's the principle behind the American Heart Association's National Walking Day on April 4th. On the website to promote the day, the organization lists many of walking's physical and mental benefits. We read there that walking can help improve blood pressure, reduce the risk of some cancers, lower the risk of stroke, maintain a healthy body weight, and enhance mental outlook. The association encourages people who are adverse to walking alone to seek out a friend, join a walking club, or invite along a "furry friend." Many walkers know the furry friend to be the most grateful of companions.

The association's list of walking benefits naturally focuses on health, but we can and we should enumerate additional reasons for venturing forth into the world on two feet. After all, trying to motivate sedentary people to exercise for the sake of exercising is sometimes frustrating, because it doesn't sound like a lot of fun. But let's stop and think. How weird is that, this very idea of urging people to walk?

Considering the many ways in which we use the activity as an idiomatic expression - walk the walk, walk a thin line, walk on air, walk with, walk through, walk off, walk away, etc. - we must understand that walking is not something extraordinary at all, something we should do as a form of "exercise," but essentially a human trait. Losing our ability to walk should then be met with aggressive social measures, such as vigorous enforcement of ADA accessibility guidelines. Yet, decades of car culture have alienated many of us from our feet, and the information age, with its gadgets and GPS devices, has displaced our abilities to navigate based on experience. So much for knowing the street.

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