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Save on Holiday Gifts
from Manhattan Fruitier
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What do your podiatrist and 13-year-old niece have in common?
Both would love to receive a gift from Manhattan Fruitier. Painless holiday gifting. Always tasteful. Always appropriate for the occasion or recipient. Always appreciated.

And, with a 15% discount, you'll even save some money. Use code "21MUG15" for savings. Shop online or call 212.686.0404. Delivered locally and nationwide.

For Greenmarket Fans —
Organic Basket with fresh and dried organic fruits

For Sweets Lovers —
Handmade Chocolate Baskets

For Special Clients or Customers —
Winter Zest

For Family Favorites —
Twice as Nice with High Hat Cupcakes

For the Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants & Gurus —
Farmhouse Cheese Basket with Balthazar Walnut Bread

For Night Owls —
Barstool Snacker

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