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Scary Season

10 Rillington Place, a BBC production on Sundance Now, (yet another subscription service), is a three-part series based on a true story. It's as creepy as can be, with a memorable performance you may wish to forget by Tim Roth.

MF Gallery, 213 Bond [Baltic/Butler] Bklyn, has their 15th annual Halloween Art Show, with an opening/costume party on Saturday, October 28, 6-10pm. Artists include Fernando Carpaneda, whose bloody skeletal bust is pictured.

The 10 Creepiest Places in NYC

The 10 Most Dangerous Places In New York City, at least according to Hollywood.


A screening of Night of the Living Dead at the United Palace in Washington Heights on Sunday, October 29, starting at 3:30pm, includes zombie face painting, and a tribute to George Romero.

Mini thrillers from, among others, Jeanette Winterson and Mark Haddon, in Eight Ghosts: The English Heritage Book of New Ghost Stories.

Weekend on Shelter Island

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