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Scottish Dossier

Summoning up a wee dram of Scotland

Myers of Keswick, 634 Hudson [Horatio/Jane] 212.691.4194, the British food shoppe, stocks Scottish supplies, including goodies from the venerable Baxters company.

For haggis hunters and cock-a-leekie lappers, there's the Scottish restaurant St. Andrews, 160 W. 46th [Bway/6th] 212.840.8413.

St. Andrews (above) has a fine supply of single malts. But our favorite malt-specialist public houses are d.b.a, 41 1st Ave. [2nd/3rd] and Keens, 72 W. 36th [5th/6th] 212.947.3636.

You have 300 whiskies to choose from at Park Avenue Liquors, 292 Mad [40th/41st] 212.685.2442. The staff knows their stuff.

If you're serious about your Scotch, you may want to join the Scotch Malt Whisky Society of America.

According to this year's Travel & Leisure Golf Reader Survey, these are the Top 5 Golf Courses in Scotland.

1. St. Andrews
2. Turnberry
3. Carnoustie
4. Dornoch
5. Troon

Ann Stewart is a well-regarded kiltmaker, who has been hand-sewing the traditional garb for over 45 years. Other men's and women's Scottish custom attire is available, as are rentals. Ms. Stewart is in Catskill, NY. Her website is Kiltshop.
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