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Q: I'm looking for yoga training at home. Do you know anyone?
A: The instructors of Spot Yoga comes to you and can teach in a variety of methods at all levels. They also come to offices.

Q: Have you got anyone to build bookcases?
A: Talk with George Evageliou. Our spies say he "obsessed every detail." His website is Urban Homecraft.

Q: I need to get a digital camera fixed.
A: You want Phototech, 110 E. 13th [3rd/4th] 212.673.8400

Q: I inherited some beautiful wine glasses but a couple of them need repair. Who should I use?
A: Gus Jochec of Glass Restorations, 1597 York [84th/85th] 212.517.3287. He's the best there is.

Q: My iPod is acting up.
A: Portatronics specialized in repairing portable technology—iPods especially—as well as Blackberrys and Treos.

Q: I need someone to come inspect the windows of my apartment—they're historic casement windows.
A: You need a "fenestration consultant." A MUG reader used Ron Doddridge of Window Technologies in Westbury, 631.949.1865, and found him "knowledgeable, smart, helpful."

Q: Who do you recommend to fix porcelain?
A: ARK Restoration, 252 W. 37th [7th/8th] 212.244.1028. They do exceptionally fine work.

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