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We had a professor in college who maintained that Shakespeare knew everything — by which he meant everything there is to know about human behavior. And the older we get, the more inarguable that seems.

How this could be so is, of course, the subject of much debate, taken up again in the new book Will in the World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare by Stephen Greenblatt, a humanities professor at Harvard. Professor Greenblatt takes what little is known about the man, the context of the era, and creates a full-blooded, if suppositional portrait. Hear Professor Greenblatt speak tonight at the NY Public Library, 5th and 42nd, 6:30pm, $10 admission. More info.

In previews at the Public, and with some favorable early word, is Richard III, starring Peter Dinklage, the four-foot-six-inch actor who earned such good reviews in "The Station Agent". RIII is on now through October 24, tickets are $50.

Time Magazine called the Cheek by Jowl company "one of the 10 great theatre companies in the world." Watch them strut their stuff and fret their hour upon the stage with their production of Othello at BAM from October 5 through 10. Tickets $25-$60. Very limited availability.
A fine day to trot out that old chestnut from Henry VI, Part Two, spoken by Dick the Butcher: "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers." Instead of a 32-page document eviscerating the upcoming presidential debates, can't we eviscerate the attorneys and the advisors (and the candidates, if need be) instead? Holy smokes, what happened to all the swagger of Bush's Texas justice and Kerry's Bring It On? What a bunch of horses' asses (that's with apologies to horses). And if the networks go along with it, they should be shot at dawn, too.

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