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Flotation Tank
A little sensory deprivation may be just the thing to restore your equilibrium. At La Casa Day Spa, 41 E. 20th [Park Ave. S./Bway] 212.673.2272, an hour in the flotation room is $80.

Kai, 822 Mad [68th/69th] 212.988.7277. This exquisite Japanese haven is small, minimalist, and peaceful.

Allan Ishac's New York's 50 Best Places to Find Peace and Quiet, in its 5th edition, is an indispensable guide to maintaining calm in this frenetic city.

Noise-Canceling Headphones
For design, effectiveness, and price, we like the Audio-Technica QuietPoint Headphones. J & R has them for a great price: $139.99.

Chris Matthews' show on MSNBC inanely raises the decibel level of political handicapping without ever stopping to consider anything remotely substantive. His mouth seems forever running away from his brain, which you could argue makes his mouth the sensible one. (See Rebecca Traister's excellent piece in Salon for more). Could someone please make it stop?

Hem is a genre-straddling NYC band encompassing folk, Americana, and pop, swaddled by a quiet, blood pressure-lowering style of its own. Sally Ellyson's vocals are the loveliest anodyne imaginable.

CitiQuiet, 212.874.5362, creates windows that sit on the sill, requiring no interior construction. Suited for those in landmark buildings or for renters.
Jim Webber and Associates, 212.683.4044, will custom-build windows to address specific noise issues.


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