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Shipwreck Scuba Diving

The adventure that is New Jersey…

Wait, actually, there is adventure off the Jersey shore, where you can go shipwreck scuba diving among more than 2,000 freighters, schooners and passenger liners.

Captain Steve Nagiewicz is at the helm of the Diversion II and takes divers through November. There are a limited number of places on the boat, so you need to contact him soon if you're interested. Captain Nagiewicz has been running dive boats since 1986, is a dive master, oceanographer and author. You're in good hands.

Coastal waters are cooler than waters where you may have previously gone diving, but on the plus side: an incredible array of marine life, including green sea turtles, ocean sunfish, schools of rays, bluefish and even flocks of pelicans.

A beginner to intermediate dive might explore the Mohawk, a passenger liner en route to Havana in 1935 that collided with a freighter. It's an especially popular dive because many artifacts remain.

For more information, visit the website or email here.

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