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Shopping List - Part 2

Kitchenware from Bowery Kitchen Supplies, Chelsea Market, 212.376.4982
Movie posters from Movie Star News, 134 W. 18th [6th/7th] 212.620.8160
Vintage glassware at Mr. Pink, 223 W. 16th [7th/8th] 646.486.4147

Comics from Metropolis Collectibles, 873 Bway [18th/19th] 212.260.4147
Ski equipment from Princeton Outdoor, 21 E. 22nd [Bway/Park Ave. S.] 212.228.4400
Fishing equipment from Urban Angler, 206 5th [25th/26th] 212.689.6400

Midtown West
Wine from Morrell, 1 Rock Plaza [49th] 212.688.9370
Beauty supplies at Ray Beauty Supply, 721 8th [45th] 212.757.0175
Stationery from Smythson of Bond Street, 4 W. 57th [5th/6th] 212.265.4573

Midtown East
Cameos by Amedeo Scognamiglio, 5 E. 57th [5th/Mad] 212.765.8145
Cigars from Davidoff, 535 Mad [54th] 212.751.9060
Electronics from SonyStyle, 550 Mad [55th/56th] 212.833.8800

Plants from Gotham Gardens, 325 Amst [75th] 212.877.8908
Linens from Laytner's, 2270 Bway [82nd] 212.724.0180
Natural history items from Maxilla & Mandible, 451 Col [81st/82nd] 212.724.6173

Jewelry from Fragments, 997 Mad [77th] 212.537.5000
Teas from Ito En, 822 Mad [68th/69th] 212.988.7111
Cashmere from Malo, 814 Mad [68th] 212.396.4721

Find Part 1 here.
More Shopping
Selected shoes and accessories at 30% off now at a. testoni, 665 5th [52nd/53rd] 212.223.0909. The sale continues to the end of the year; we hear discounts may be 50% near Christmas.

Almost half the vendors are new at this year's Holiday Market at Grand Central, which is always a great place to score some gifts.

Oh, Diogenes
Call us quaint, but we think job one for journalists is to be skeptical of those in power. When journalists trade in that mandate for special access or for some hidden agenda, they deserve all the hissing and spitting that we can reasonably hiss and spit. Judy Miller may have thought that her years of prior work would mitigate the fundamental dishonesty of her pre-war reporting, but there are a lot of people who prefer their reporters, regardless of the reporter's CV, to remain honest brokers rather than de facto administration collaborators. The same holds true for Bob Woodward, who may receive special dispensations from the Washington Post, but who does not, we think, receive any such dispensations from the public at large. When a journalist secretly embeds himself in the administration he (or she) is charged to cover, it isn't a glancing blow to the public trust—it's cancerous. And when Woodward publicly called Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation "disgraceful" while hiding his own part in the drama, Woodward irrevocably disgraced himself by crossing the line from errors of omission to deeds of commission. His head on a platter, please.

Joe Conason has more on Woodward in today's Salon

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