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Sin is in the air, these days, thank God — gluttony and lust always liven up the day. But then there's Kozlowski, the ugly face of greed, to remind us that greed is good…for-eight-and-a-third-to-twenty-five. (Note to Lay and Skilling: tick-tock, tick-tock).

The whole notion of sin gets a fascinating exegesis in the latest issue of Topic Magazine. This themed, non-fiction quarterly, published locally, is one of MUG's favorite reads.

Another fabulous wallow in sin comes, perhaps unpredictably, from the Oxford University Press in collaboration with the NY Public Library. Their Seven Deadly Sins series is comprised of short, entertaining, and thoughtful meditations by Francine Prose (Gluttony), Wendy Wasserstein (Sloth), Joseph Epstein (Envy), Simon Blackburn (Lust), Phyllis A. Tickle (Greed), and Robert A. F. Thurman (Anger). Michael Eric Dyson on Pride will be published in January, completing the series. It will make you wish there were more sins. (How about Incompetence? Disingenuousness? Cronyism?)
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