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Six Great Florists

Call on these six great florists when you need jaw-dropping arrangements, the hell with cost.

Blue Meadow Florists, 336 E. 13th [1st/2nd] 979.8618. Bouquets perfect for an English country house, but also for lofts, pre-wars and brownstones.

Michael George Flowers, 315 E. 57th [1st/2nd] 751.0689. Gorgeously understated arrangements.

Gotham Gardens, 325 Amsterdam [75th] 877.8908. The talented folks here work in a broad range of styles, linked by their impeccable taste.

Elizabeth Ryan Floral, 411 East 9th [1st/A] 995.1111. Ms. Ryan's creative designs are enhanced by unusual vases.

Takashimaya Floral Boutique, 693 5th [54th] 350.0100. The flowers here manage to be both delicate and dazzling.

Zezé, 398 E. 52nd [1st] 753.7767. Zezé Calvo's highly regarded bouquets draw on premium cut flowers, in monochrome groupings or wild sprays.

Mommy Chic, which makes attractive maternity-wear, is having a warehouse clearance starting tomorrow, March 6th-March 8th. Maternity fashions from $15-$45 and Baby Chic clothes from $15-$25.

The sale is at 78 5th [13th/14th] 8th floor, from 10am-6pm. Credit cards ok but no cash or checks.

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