leisure 01.20.03

Ski Helmet

Ski helmets have shed their nerdy image and saved more than a few skulls on the slopes. Giro is one of the top helmet makers and their nine.9 is especially popular. State-of-the-art technology makes the helmet light while still providing excellent structural support. It comes with 12 vents, vent plugs and removable earflaps. The nine.9 is available in five colors and costs $109.99. Find it at Paragon, 867 Broadway [18th], 212.255.8036.

Popcorn stores, which overestimated the market some years back and started popping up everywhere, have largely passed into retail history. One exception, and a happy one, is the newly opened Popcorn Indiana, 2170 Broadway [76th], 769.0150. Try the chocolate caramel.

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