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We'd like to know what small NYC shops you particularly like—any place that distinguishes itself by style, selection, service, ambience, vibe—whatever makes you want to go back there again. All kinds of shops count—clothing, gifts, books, food, etc.—as long as it's in the mom-and-pop category and not, you know, Home Depot. Let us know your picks (and anything you want to say about the store) on our blog. Saturday is 'shop small Saturday', though we think it's a good idea all year long.

A few of our favorite small-box stores:

Befitting its other-era vibe, Tender Buttons, 143 E. 62nd [Lex/3rd] 212.758.7004, resisted for years anything as new-fangled as a website. They've finally given in, but you'll have to go in to riffle through the stock for the full monty.

Economy Candy, 108 Rivington [Essex/Ludlow] 212.254.1531, has been around since 1937, and it's run by Jerry Cohen, whose father opened the place. Still the best place for pecan patties, squirrel nut zippers, Skybars, as well as nuts and dried fruit.

Rare and unusual cameras have been the stock-in-trade of a family business called Lens and Repro, 33 W. 17th [5th/6th] 212.675.1900, since 1966.

An incredible collection (5,000) of new and vintage cufflinks can be found at Missing Link, 40 W. 25th [5th/6th] lower level, 212.645.6928.

Stampers of the world unite at The Ink Pad, 37 7th [13th] 212.463.9876, which sells a bajillion different kinds of stamps, does custom, of course, and even has classes on stamping.

It was a sad day when the city lost Flosso-Hornmann, but we still have Tannen's, 45 W. 34th [5th/6th] 212.929.4500, which has been pulling rabbits out of hats since 1925.

All aboard for just about any model train you could ever want at the Red Caboose, 23 W. 45th [5th/6th] 212.575.0155, plus die-cast planes and cars.

At the Fountain Pen Hospital, 10 Warren [Bway/Church] 212.964.0580, they've been selling beautiful writing instruments since 1946.

Aedes De Venustas, 9 Christopher [6th/7th] 212.206.8674, has the best collection of scents in the city, including a fair number that you won't find anywhere else.

Old Print Shop, 150 Lex [29th/30th] 212.683.3950. Great old prints, plus antiquarian maps, photographs, and work by contemporary printmakers.

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