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Soft Cities

City Landmarks That Could Have Been

Fellow map-o-philes, follow us out of New York City to terra incognita: a company that is located someplace called "San Francisco" in a state apparently known as "California."

Whatever. We love the work that Soft Cities does, which is to create customized maps on blankets and napkins (which they of course call 'mapkins'). You choose the location in the world you want to see, then one of several blanket/napkin styles, then a number of markers. Those markers can say whatever you like: 'Grandma's house' or 'We got married here' or 'Isabel's school', for example.

From start to finish, the process of design, printing and shipping takes 3-4 weeks. Blankets are $175, napkins are $79 for a set of four. They charge $10 for up to 7 markers (you can get more markers for an additional fee). Blankets are fleece, napkins are cotton; they're printed with no toxic chemicals.

We wouldn't dream of sleeping under anything other than a coverlet of the five boroughs. But that's us. Your mileage may vary.

Upper East Side (from 2011)

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