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Soho Sally

For a brief escape from the Monday, back-to-work grind into a funny, playful world as seen by a "seven-year-old supermodel living in Soho," check out Soho Sally.

You'll find oxymoronically brief sagas about Sally's wisdom teeth (see how it inspires her to become an Egyptologist), a story of a sad computer with a happy ending, and several figures you can 'dress.' One of these is President Bush, and, depending on your politics, you can dress him with an 'I mean business tie' or a 'magic debt-begone wand.' (Note to Mac users: it won't work using Safari.) Sally's inspired imagination also includes Battle Pigeons and a Glamourbot (you'll have to see for yourself).

The site is the work of Sally Herships, an artist and documentary maker. Her imagination seems inspired, too.
Mr. Timothy (Harper Collins, $24.95) is the unlikely great read about Tiny Tim Cratchit, sometime after Dickens was done with him (in this book, he's in his 20s). Victorian London at Christmas is rendered with compelling atmospherics, there's a thriller plot, and Tim becomes a full-blooded, enormously appealing character. The book is by Louis Bayard, who will be doing a reading at Partners & Crime, 44 Greenwich Ave. [6th/7th] 212.243.0440, this coming Thursday, November 13, at 7pm.

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