leisure 10.21.08

Some Central Park Love

Central Park is the perfect host.

Always welcoming, concerned that you enjoy yourself, stay as long as you'd like. Bring the kids. The dog, too. Come in, relax.

A Bon Jovi concert? No problem. Bring 60,000 of your friends. Opera? Right this way. Here's a pair of binoculars if you'd like to look at some of the 200 species of birds that share the space. By all means, run a marathon, Shakespeare's over here, fish, ride the carousel, go ice skating. A hot air balloon? Sorry, gone now, but maybe it'll return next year. Instead you might like to look at the art in our little museum.

You can easily overlook (and probably should) the Zaha Hadid-designed Chanel Pavilion that's beamed in for a couple of weeks.

The Central Park Conservancy has done phenomenal work in restoring what seems like every square inch of the 843 acres it oversees and long may it thrive. The Conservancy got money from Chanel for this architectural structure housing artworks (quotation marks needed, perhaps) inspired by a Chanel bag. Commerce has figured in the Park in various ways (concert sponsorships, Tavern on the Green, etc.), but let's face it, this is whoring.

Over the next few weeks, the park will look, at least to our eyes, its most resplendent. What better way to spend an hour or two of your down time than a stroll within its borders? If Central Park is the perfect host, it can now give you its full attention: the crowds have thinned, there's time and room to stretch out, drink it in, don't leave yet, come back again soon.

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