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"We have seen the future…and we can fix it" is the motto of Soundsmith, 914.739.2885, the single best place for audio repair we have found anywhere. That's why so many people send off their turntables, amps, speakers, receivers, DVD players, and VCRs to this Peekskill company—and have for 30 years.

Owner Peter Ledermann and his crew are authorized for warranty repair of Audio Research, Revox, Bang & Olufsen, Marantz, and McIntosh but are highly skilled with a wide variety of brands (in and out of warranty). Soundsmith gives you a one-year warranty on the work they do. A turntable repair with a list price of $500 or less is $185, parts and labor maximum. The website has a complete price list as well as shipping instructions. Turnaround time is generally 10-25 business days.
We got a fantastic response from our article Werdz on Friday about library books for public schools. We'll be getting back to each of you individually in the next few days and we'll report back progress as we make it.

Midsummer Night's Dream:
Speaking of words, you had to get through a lot of off-putting words in Margo Jefferson's Times review of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (bleat, moan, amateur, wearily, cynical, complaints) before you got to paragraph four where, if you'd made it that far, you realized she loved it, calling the production "absolutely exhilarating." We went back for a second look at the show at BAM, 718.636.4100, on Saturday, which only confirmed our initial impression: this production is an absolute bliss-out.

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