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Spanish Dossier

At the New York Botanical Garden through August 21st, Spanish Paradise—Gardens of the Alhambra. Cypress, date palms, and pomegranate trees anchor this tribute to the 14th century palace and gardens, along with the requisite fountains and arches,
all within the Conservatory.

Through Wednesday, Building Bridges: Spanish and English Language Writers in Conversation at the Center for Fiction, 17 E. 47th 212.755.6710; Tuesday: McNally Jackson, 52 Prince [Laf/Mulberry] 212.274.1160, 7pm; Wednesday: BookExpo, 11:30, details; Wednesday: 192 Books, 192 10th [21st] 212.255.4022, 7pm, reserve. Authors from Spain include Javier Montes (pictured), Alberto Olmos, Mercedes Monmany, and Andrés Barba.

We're spoiled for choice in these parts, so it's possible for a great institution like the Hispanic Society of America, 613 W. 155th [Bway] 212.926.2234, to exist without your having ever darkened its doorway. But do so, by all means: works by Goya, El Greco, Velázquez, as well as contemporary artists, is the reward. And the Bancaja Gallery, which houses Sorolla's Vision of Spain, has been newly renovated.

They've been teaching Spanish since 1968 at the Queen Sofía Spanish Institute, 684 Park [68th] 212.628.0420, both group classes
and private instruction.

Barcelona's Jaume Plensa created the 44-foot Echo installed in Madison Square Park—Mr. Plensa's subject is the nymph from Greek mythology who could only repeat the thoughts of others. The face is based on the daughter of Barcelona restaurateur who lives near Plensa. [Photo: James Ewing]

We'll have to wait until November for the new Almodovar movie, a thriller called The Skin I Live In starring Antonio Banderas. Meanwhile, there's My Audition for Almodóvar, Imma Heredia's one-woman show in which comedy, music, and flamenco all have their place… And we'd be remiss not to include Repertorio Español, presenting Spanish, Latin American, and Hispanic-American theater since 1968.

Casa Mono
Pata Negra
Tía Pol

The 9th annual Spanish Wines Festival takes place on June 17th at the Metropolitan Pavilion. Tickets are $100, $10 of which goes to
Action Against Hunger.

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