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Spooky Quiz

Q: Gertrude Tredwell lived her entire life here until she died in 1933 and many say she's still floating around, making this what many consider the city's most haunted house. What is it?
a) Gracie Mansion b) Chelsea Hotel c) Merchant's House Museum

A: Merchant's House Museum

Q: Theater people know that this theater is haunted by its namesake, who used to have an apartment at the top of the building. Which theater?
a) The Bernard Jacobs b) The Belasco c) The John Golden

A: The Belasco

Q: A few blocks away, Ziegfeld chorine Olive Thomas (once called the most beautiful girl in the world) died of poison—either by her own hand or another's. Even after Disney renovated this theater, Thomas is seen here, sometimes with a blue glass bottle (a clue, perhaps). What's the name of this theater?
a) The Ziegfeld b) The New Amsterdam c) The Benay Venuta

A: The New Amsterdam

Q: This poet hung out at the White Horse Tavern and, even if the legend that he downed 18 whiskies before dying may not be quite right, it makes for good copy. Many claim he's still around. Name him.

A: Dylan Thomas

Q: Mickey, the ghost that haunts this 1817 building, was a sailor who lived upstairs. It's been everything from a boarding house to a smuggler's den to a brothel. It’s now a bar. Name it.

A: Ear Inn

Q: There have been several ghost sightings at the Dakota (it would be surprising if there hadn't been): a young girl, a young boy, and John Lennon. Rosemary's Baby was, of course, set here. Who wrote the original novel?

A: Ira Levin

Bonus A: The Alwyn Court

Q: This park is said to have been an Indian burial ground as well as the place where public executions drew reliably large crowds. Which park?

A: Washington Square Park

Q: 14 West 10th Street is known as the House of Death. Twenty-two people have died here. It was home to Joel Steinberg, convicted of the beating death of his daughter. It was also home, for about a year, of a beloved author. What's the name of the novelist who lived here?

A: Mark Twain

Q: This restaurant is housed in what was once Aaron Burr's carriage house and Mr. Burr, as well as his daughter Theodosia, have been seen here. What's the restaurant?
a) One if By Land, Two if By Sea b) Minetta Tavern c) Il Mulino

A: One if By Land, Two if By Sea

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