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Spring Books [Part 2]
Every Person in New York

What: Started Early, Took My Dog
Who: Kate Atkinson
When: March 21st 
Why: Atkinson is one of our favorite contemporary writers and private eye Jackson Brodie is irresistible as a character. Time magazine wrote: "Uncategorizable, unputdownable, Atkinson's books are like Agatha Christie mysteries that have burst at the seams—they're taut and intricate but also messy and funny and full of life." Exactly.

What: The Tragedy of Arthur
Who: Arthur Phillips
When: April 19th
Why: Speaking of bursting at the seams, how's this: Arthur Phillips (Prague) writes a novel about a young writer named Arthur Phillips whose father is a Shakespeare-loving con artist. Near the end of the father's life, he reveals the existence of an unknown play by the Bard called The Tragedy of Arthur, which is included in the novel by Arthur Phillips, real-world writer. Can't wait for this one.

What: The Pale King
Who: David Foster Wallace
When: April 15th
Why: Also appearing in his own (posthumously-published) novel, David Foster Wallace arrives for work at the Peoria, Illinois IRS Regional Examination Center where employees receive boredom-survival training. A little joke: releasing the book on April 15th.

What: 22 Britannia Road
Who: Amanda Hodgkinson
When: May 1st
Why: The story of a Polish family living in post WWII England that is forced to confront its past—a reminder that war doesn't end after the fighting stops. A debut novel from Hodgkinson, and one with a lot of buzz. (Where have you seen the cover before? Suite Française?)

What: Marlene: Marlene Dietrich, A Personal Biography
Who: Charlotte Chandler
When: March 29th
Why: The break-the-mold, German-born singer and film star has been a source of fascination even into her final days—remember Maximilian Schell's wonderful 1984 documentary about her, in which you hear Dietrich being interviewed but don't see her, having refused to appear on camera? The author's series of conversations with Dietrich in the 1970s bring the whole mystique right back to life.

What: Bossypants
Who: Tina Fey
When: April 5th
Why: "Includes Special, Never-Before-Solicited Opinions on Breastfeeding, Princesses, Photoshop, the Electoral Process, and Italian Rum Cake!" Tina Fey tells her story, and any story Tina Fey wants to tell, we want to go to there.

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