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Sprout Home

Williamsburg's Sprout Home, 44 Grand St. [Kent/Wythe] 718.388.4440, makes for an especially restorative shopping experience, a peaceful riot of greens.

The Brooklyn Sprout, opened in 2007, is an offshoot of the original Chicago store. It doubled up in 2010 two doors down with one space selling cut flowers and the other selling annuals and perennials (check out their picks for five no-kill house plants), pots and vases, pruners, trowels and watering cans.

You can also buy things like birdhouses, candles and other nature-themed gifts. They sell terrarium vessels and supplies, bulbs for planting in the fall and a windowsill box to grow microgreens. Coming April 21, a new book: Rooted in Design—Sprout Home's Guide to Creative Indoor Planting.

Sprout does gorgeous arrangements, bridal bouquets, and they offer garden design services. They have classes in terrariums and flower arranging. In the back, a small yard of larger plants. A place to linger.


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