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Start Dancing

Erin Bomboy's company Start Dancing NYC brings the ballroom into your apartment.

Ms. Bomboy, who worked for a time with Arthur Murray Studios, realized that the transition from gallumphing around to smooth moves could be eased by taking the instruction out of studio groups and into the home.

They're flexible on scheduling, which means you can cha-cha before work or samba on Sundays. Each lesson is 45 minutes and costs $75. Buy a package of ten and you get one free.

Whether you want to learn a wedding dance for you and your partner, twirl at a club, or hold your own at a formal event, Start Dancing gives a whole new meaning to spin class.

Electric and Gas Update
We should have added a note of buyer-beware caution to selecting an ESCO in yesterday's article on electric and gas companies. Several readers called our attention to this recent article. If you run into any problems, the Public Service Commission is the agency to contact, 800.342.3377.

Spotlight on Design: New York's Airports
Tonight, 6:30pm, at the Museum of the City of NY, there will be a discussion about Jet Blue's new $750 million terminal at Kennedy which incorporated Eero Saarinen's landmark building. The terminal is due to open in a few weeks. On hand tonight, Richard Smyth, Vice President, Jet Blue, who is in charge of the new terminal as well as airport and regional planners. Reserve: 212.534.1672, ext. 3395 or email here.

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