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Start Writing in the New Year!
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Make a new start with your writing with Gotham Writers' Workshop! Participate in one (or two) of the 36 free creative writing classes offered on January 11 and 12, 2011 in four convenient locations around New York City.

These one-hour classes are a quick jumpstart for aspiring writers to put their pens to paper. They'll demystify the writing process and give writers the building blocks for a solid foundation and the motivation to continue writing.

All of the courses are taught by professional writers on the school's faculty and utilize an engaging combination of lectures and in-class writing exercises.

With 12 different course offerings—everything from TV Writing to Travel Writing, Songwriting to Stand-up Comedy Writing, Playwriting to Poetry—you're certain to find a class that speaks to your creative interests.

Space is limited. Register today at Free.WritingClasses.com.

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