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Stockings With Care

Well, Citigroup has gotten their figgy pudding.

But lots of city kids aren't so lucky. Stockings With Care is the nonprofit organization that gathers up Christmas wish lists from kids in shelters and at-risk environments and then assigns Santas to take care of one or all of their three wishes. For most of the more than 2,000 kids involved, the presents from volunteer Santas are the only ones they'll get. All gifts are given to the parents or caregivers in time for the holidays, so the old Santa magic remains intact.

Many corporate sponsors have been closing ranks this year, which means Stockings With Care could really use your help. You can be a Santa or make a donation (100% of the donation goes to buying gifts for kids). The organization is having two fundraisers as well: the first is tomorrow evening at Donald Sacks, 3 WFC, and one with celebrity bartenders on December 4th at Bar 13, Details are here.

Magic Books & Paper Toys: Flip Books, E-Z Pop-Ups & Other Paper Playthings to Amaze & Delight. Do you need to know any more than the title? This is a new book that contains projects to make pop-up books, flip books, magic pamphlets, pop-up maps, and accordions, courtesy of Esther K. Smith of NYC's Purgatory Pie Press.

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