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Stockings with Care

Needed, in a big way: 400 more Santas.

Stockings With Care is the nonprofit organization that gathers up Christmas wish lists from kids in shelters and at-risk environments and then assigns Santas to take care of one or all of their three wishes. For most of the more than 2,000 kids involved, the presents from volunteer Santas are the only ones they'll get. All gifts are given to the parents or caregivers in time for the holidays, so the old Santa magic remains intact.

The economy being what it is, organizations like Stockings with Care are coming up short: right now they have roughly 400 more kids than Santas. They could really use your help.

To be a Santa this year, fill out the short form here.

Want to help but short on time? You can make a tax-deductible donation and Stockings with Care's team of Santa Shoppers will hit the stores for you. Every penny of your donation goes to buying gifts for the children.

Want to help but short on cash? Volunteer for their Santa's Workshop drive, Thursday, December 10th through Sunday, December 13th.

Go on, spread some cheer.

From Jason Polan:
One Tenth of a Percent Event
I am going to be at The Museum of Modern Art on Wednesday, December 2, 2009 from 10:30am to 3:30pm drawing people. I will then go to The American Museum of Natural History. I will draw there from 4:00pm to 5:30pm. I will then head to Times Square and draw from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. I will then walk to Grand Central Station and draw there from 8:00pm to 10:00pm. I will be drawing all day to commemorate the fact that I have now drawn just about 8,300 people for the project Every Person in New York. The population of New York is about 8,300,000 people. I have been working on this project for over one and a half years, almost everyday, and I have only completed One Tenth of a Percent of it. I hope that you will celebrate with me by looking at the blog where the drawings will be posted at the end of the day, or by going to one of the mentioned locations to be drawn, to help me get closer to completing the project.

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