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THE MORNING LINE "In a democracy, someone who fails to get elected to office can always console himself with the thought that there was something not quite fair about it."
—Thucydides, 431 BC

We're pushing the season a bit, but for a good cause.

Stockings With Care is the nonprofit with a simple but essential mission: helping NYC kids in homeless shelters have a merry Christmas. They do that by matching kids' wish lists with citizen Santas.

It's an all-volunteer organization that has helped over 40,000 children since 1992. Their founding date makes them fellow quadranscentenarians, so we take a moment from our MUG 25 campaign to tell you about theirs.

On Thursday, November 3, 7-10pm at the Bowery Hotel ballroom, they're having a 25th Anniversary Gala with celebrity bartenders, snacks, dancing and a celebrity auction. Tickets are $150.

Other ways to help: Be a Santa, make a donation, or get your company involved.

It's not even Halloween yet, but when it comes to bringing cheer to kids in need, it's never too early to start.

Jason Polan started Every Person in New York in March of 2008. He plans on working on the project until it is finished. Look for more at Jason's site and his book Every Person in New York.


Who will control Congress after the election?


Republicans control the Senate and the House


Democrats control the Senate and the House


Republicans control the House, Democrats control the Senate


Republicans control the Senate, Democrats control the House

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