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Summer Gear

It won't let you walk on water, but you can use the Hydrofoil Water Scooter from Hammacher Schlemmer to skim across, with speeds up to 17 mph. Your mileage may vary. $499.95.

If you were disappointed at the number of murders in last night's Sopranos finale (as the Post predictably enough was), initiate your own rubouts with one of these fly swatters from The Conran Shop. $4.

Add some stripey color to your place in the sun with a beach towel from Paul Smith at Working Class (look under accessories). But keep some Bactine handy for the price tag sting: $115.

We've always loved the fans made by Vornado — they're well made (no rattling) and delightfully breezy. In the looks department? Not so much. But now they got this vintage replica from the 1950s in green — retro fans rejoice. $99.99.

Minimus is a company that thinks small — they carry the travel-size version of just about everything that has a travel-size version. Their Avid Traveler Essentials set, ($49.99), has minis of Advil, Neosporin, sunblock, air sanitizer, hand sanitizer, Blistex — and lots more.

At Partners & Crime or other booksellers, pick up the latest in the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child, called Bad Luck and Trouble, just out in hardcover. The taciturn Reacher, who lets action speak louder than words, always makes a good read.

The new PowerShot SD750 Elph from Canon is small enough to travel well, but the 7.1 mexapixels means you can print big, and it has has a 3-inch LCD screen with a new scratch-resistant coating. It's $259.95 at B & H.

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