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Summer Pleasures
Part One


Go casual to Desnuda,122 E. 7th [1st/A] 212.254.3515, or go luxe at Oceana, 120 W. 49th [6th/7th] 212.759.5941, for chef Ben Pollinger's snapper ceviche with blood orange, pistachio, ancho chili and pickled beets. Or, go shopping with an ingredient list from Douglas Rodriguez's
The Great Ceviche Book.

…farmhouse ale…

They know how to quench a thirst on the farm: with a refreshing, golden ale originally created to slake Belgian farmers' thirst during the harvest. The brew works well (and you can't do better than Saison Dupont) in an urban landscape, too. Have one at Colicchio & Sons Tap Room,
85 Tenth [15th] 212.400.6699.


On Saturdays, have yourself a real nice clambake at
Inside Park at St. Bart's, 109 E. 50th [Park] 212.593.3333.
It's $36 for lobster, clams, mussels, shrimp,
sausage, potato and corn.

…cold noodles…

For some reason, New York's attention gets waylaid by cold sesame noodles—tasty, but not much in the way of heat-beating. Try instead hiyashi chuka—chilled ramen noodles served with ham, egg, cucumber, and ginger in a frozen bowl (your results may vary). Available at Naruto Ramen, 1596 3rd [89th/90th] 212.289.7803 and the pair of
Menchanko-tei restos.


If you retain nothing else from this class, you'll have made good use of your time by learning how to make a Corpse Reviver. Gin Cocktails for Summer, taught by Elayne Duke at the Astor Center, explores gin, which the website lists as "A Hands-On Tasting & Worksop." That last word may be a mistake, though it strikes us as a perfect neologism.
Friday, August 6th, 6:30-8:30pm, $75.


Among the many pleasures of a trip to Wilton, Connecticut's The School at Cannondale: a salad that's stepping out with dessert: strawberries, ricotta, arugula, mint, and saba (sweet and fruity grape must reduction).

…seasonal produce…

Seasonal produce, summer salads, and sorbet are part of the cooking demo and tasting with Top Chef contestant Andrea Beaman at Whole Foods Bowery on Tuesday, July 27th, 7-9pm, $25.

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