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Supporters of the NYPL
Need Patience and Fortitude

The Times was definitive yesterday with good news: the NYPL abandons the Central Library Plan.

But—and this is a very big but—the WSJ reports that, "Under the new plan, the stacks will be preserved but will remain empty because they lack the climate controls needed to preserve the books. The books previously held by the stacks will be stored in climate-controlled storage space under Bryant Park."

Library president Tony Marx wrote to his staff and the institution's supporters that "no final decisions have been reached" and an "evolved plan" is to come. So, we may not get the Central Library Plan but that's not to say things won't get worse.

This has been the Dark Ages for the NYPL and Mr. Marx does not appear headed for enlightenment any time soon. It is increasingly clear that he should resign.

Our recommendation? Leave the books in the stacks and store Mr. Marx in the climate-controlled space under Bryant Park.

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