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No flowers or chocolates (okay, one item on flowers). Instead, we went back and picked out some of the entries in MUG—from movies, books, theater, and the web—that have sweetened the pot over the years. They're moments between husbands and wives, significant others, parents and children, siblings, man and ape, a macaque and a pigeon, compatriots, and New Yorkers and their city. Sweet.

What is That? is the short, unforgettable film by Greek director
Constantin Pilavios about a father and son.

50 People, One Question

Advertising for Love
A compendium of vintage personal ads.

Every time we see them performing Sweet Georgia Brown, in Polish,
Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft seem like they were
the happiest couple in the world.

Gardyn, a music video from digital remix artist Pogo:
a tribute to his mom, an avid gardener.

Over 4 million daffodils have been planted in NYC as a result of a gift from Dutch bulb supplier Hans van Waardenburg of B&K Flowerbulbs after the September 11th attacks (now overseen by New Yorkers For Parks).
It won't be long before they bloom.
[Photo: Shutterstock]

I Love You Phillip Morris
The funny, unlikely-but-true love story between a con man and a fellow inmate. The My Word is My Bond scene is romantic, let's say,
against all odds. [Not remotely safe for work]

Macaque and pigeon

The scenes between Julia Child (Streep) and sister Dorothy McWilliams (Jane Lynch), in the half-great movie Julie and Julia, are pure joy.
World's best sisters?

After Mubarak's speech refusing to relinquish power, a group of Egyptian protestors leave Tahrir Square and march to the presidential palace. The four tanks there stand their ground, but turn their gun turrets away from the protestors. [Image courtesy of Shutterstock]

It's a long journey for Margaret Johnson (Victoria Clark)
in A Light in the Piazza to be able to exhort her daughter
to "Love if you can and be loved."
But she gets there in the end.

Conservationist Damian Aspinall
reunites with his old chum Kwibi,
now returned to the wild.

An 85-minute movie musical,
a perfect cameo of a love story.

The Lost Tribes of New York City
is a valentine to New York
from unexpected corners.

I'm looking for a cool vintage watch source.
Who do you like?

Greenwich Village

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