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Sweet Roots NYC
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The intermittent fling with kale. The vow to eat more fish. An occasional strawberry untouched by Ben & Jerry's.

Your intentions are good, it's just there are only so many hours in the day—loved ones and work and careful grocery shopping don't always fit into the hours. Taking advantage of all the bounty in the boroughs to put together the kind of dinner you'd like? Impossible.

Possible. Sweet Roots NYC, the brand-new service launched by Marisa Claire Smith, is such a good idea that we pass it along to you, sight unseen, taste untasted.

Ms. Smith has the chops. She's got a degree in food studies, has worked in restaurants and for food writer Molly O'Neill. She's also got the chops—sources for everything you could want, however you like to eat: meat and potatoes, organic, Mediterranean, kosher, Indian, vegan, more veggies, no gluten—all up to you.

Once you've consulted with Marisa, proposed menu plans are emailed to you weekly—and you can let them know if you're running low on something in your pantry (or your "pantry"). A few days later, you'll get all the everything delivered—ingredients that have been sourced the way you'd like to if you had an extra 24 hours in your day.

The beauty part is that your ingredients arrive to you organized by meal, labeled, pre-measured, with recipes geared to your level of cooking ability and the equipment in your kitchen.

If you think this should come cheap, you haven't been paying attention. But we think for the level of service involved, pricing is fair. For three dinners and seven breakfasts, it's $150 per person plus a monthly service fee of $250. There are five- and seven-dinner packages, too. For now, delivery is in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

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