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Sweet Stuff

Some of our favorite sweet stuff.

The sour cream apple walnut pie from Little Pie Company, 424 W. 43rd [9th/10th] 212.736.4780, 407 W. 14th [9th/10th] 212.414.2324, and the lower level of Grand Central, 212.983.3538 — with its Granny Smiths, cinnamon, brown sugar, and walnut streusel — rules.

We once lamented the dearth of great cookies in the city. No more. For example, the Perfect Chocolate Chunk atRuby et Violette, 457 W. 50th [9th/10th] 212.582.6720.

Ice Cream
From the originator of Ciao Bella, Il Laboratorio del Gelato, 95 Orchard [Broome/Delancey] 212.343.9922. Fantastic ice cream, well worth a detour.

An oldie-but-goodie: dark chocolate pudding from Home, 20 Cornelia [Bleecker/W. 4th] 212.243.9579.

Doughnut Plant, 379 Grand [Essex/Norfolk] 212.505.3700. The city's gold standard.

City Bakery, 3 W. 18th [5th/6th] 212.366.1414. While Maury Rubin doesn't create many new tarts these days, the old standbys can't be improved.

It's hard for us to be within a mile of Fat Witch, 75 9th [15th] 212.807.1335, without stopping in for one of their brownies. Honorable mention to Sarabeth's.

Over the last few years the LES (Lower East Side) has become the LES (Let's Eat Sugar). One of the happiest entrants of this confectionifcation is Sugar Sweet Sunshine, 126 Rivington [Essex/Norfolk] 212.995.1960, and their blissful cupcakes.

Fruit Jellies
We're not a fruit-jelly-eating country. But the ones from Fauchon, 442 Park [56th] 212.308.5919, are irresistible.

Best Pastry Chef
While he's had to reign himself in a bit at Jean-Georges, 1 CPW [59th/60th] 212.299.3900, Johnny Iuzzini is still the enfant terrible of pastry chefs. May that never change.

Chocolate Croissant
Silver Moon Bakery, 2740 Bway [105th] 212.866.4717. It's hard, actually, to pick just one thing from this superb bakery. One request: a couple of additional stores, please.

Colette's Cakes
Margaret Braun
Ron Ben-Israel

Too Sweet
This is not going to sit well with a lot of you, but what can we say? Cupcake Cafe, 522 9th [39th] 212.465.1530 and 18 W. 18th [5th/6th], same phone, has a large and passionate following. Their cupcakes are among the prettiest around. But, to our taste, just too sweet.

Frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity, 225 E. 60th [2nd/3rd] 212.838.3531. Still.

Cream Puffs
As an idea for a franchise, cream puffs strike us as a weed-induced scheme ("Cream puffs like on every corner, dude. Whoa!"). And yet, there we are, lining up with the rest of the city at one of the expanding chain of Beard Papa's.

They come in vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and strawberry flavors at Payard, 1032 Lex [73rd/74th] 212.717.5252; they're a favorite, though it's hard to go wrong here.

Prettiest Chocolates
Richart, 7 E. 55th [5th/Mad] 212.371.9369, chocolates are first-rate, and they're also the prettiest in town.

Bread Pudding
Sullivan Street Bakery, 73 Sullivan [Spring/Broome] 212.334.9435 and 533 W. 47th [10th/11th] 212.265.5580, can do no wrong. If man had to live by bread alone, it should be theirs.

Chocolate Nonpareil
La Maison du Chocolat, 1018 Mad [78th/79th] 212.744.7117, and 30 Rock [49th] 212.265.9404. Robert Linxe's house of chocolate is more like a shrine encasing some of the best on the planet.

Just Desserts
ChikaLicious, 203 E. 10th [1st/2nd] 212.995.9511, dispenses with appetizers and entrees altogether. Which is an altogether sensible approach to dining.
Shout Out Louds
The Shout Out Louds sold out their August 8th show at Mercury Lounge, 212.260.4700, in a flash. But, they just added a second show on the night before, Sunday, August 7th at 10pm, $12. You'll need to get on it, though, right away.

A. Cheng Sale
Today until whenever they run out of stock, 50% off retail at A. Cheng, 443 E. 9th [1st/A] 212.979.7434. Strapless sundress was $175, now $88, ivory trenchcoat with gold piping was $425, now $200.

Columbus Circle correction
The Olin Partnership is the designer for the new space at Columbus Circle as we wrote. But the fountain was by WET Design.

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